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My journey to Anyang 安阳英语游记 

I went to Anyang with my best friend last summer vacation. It took us about two hours to drive there. It was a fine day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. When we got there, there were thousands of people. And the people were very friendly to us . Whats  more ,the roads in Anyang  were so  clean and wide  that we walked on the city streets for about two hours.

As we know , Anyang is known as an famous ancient city ,and it is also  famous for Jiaguwen  , Yuefeimiao , Youlicheng , Taihangdaxiagu and so on . When we saw the Jiaguwen , we were suddenly shocked, because the character was so strange that we could not recognize . My friend said that the character looked like some pictures . The other great building we explored was Wenzi museum . The outlook of the museum looked like a royal palace . And the style was full of knowledge and culture.   We also ate lots of delicious food , like Bianfencai and Fenjiangfan .The most interesting thing was that I spent a happy journey with my friend . It was really fun. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

From the trap , I think we should try our best to cherish all  the things around us, including our parents and friends ,because they are the people who will love us forever . The life is short and limit ,so we should love and enjoy our life !




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