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This contract is made on 6.10.1995 day of THE TAIWAN TARDING CO.,LTD as Seller and MANILA TRADING CO. as Buyer. All parties agree to the sale and purchase of Cotton thread under the following terms and conditions:

1.  Commodity:

2.  Coun try of Origin

3.  Quantity:

4.  brand:

5.  contract price:

6.  packing:

7.  payment terms:

by a confirmed, irrevocable, divisible, transferable,and partial shipment not allowed,Letter of Credit without recourse in favout of the Seller,L/C should be opened within 7 banking days by the Buyer after the contract is signed.

8.  Shipment:

Shipment shall be effected within 45 days from the date of the Seller’s receipt of the Buyer’s Letter of credit. In the event of the Buyer’s vessel failing to arrive for loading, then the Seller shall have the right, as stipulated herein, to claim damages/losses not exceeding 30% of the L/C amount from the Buyer. The Buyer in this respect,shall furnish the Seller with the Bank Guarantee

9.  performance Guarantee

   the Seller shall send a 20% deposit or bank’s Guarantee to the Buyer within 14 banking days upon receipt of the Letter of Credit from the Buyer. If the Seller fails to carry out the contract, the performance guarantee will be forfeited to the Buyer.

10. Accompanying Documents:

   The Seller shall provide the buyer with:

(1) Complete set of Clean Bills of Lading.

(2) Signed Commercial Invoice in quadruplicate.

(3) Certificate of Country of Origin,

(4) Packing List.

(5) Other Essential documents in respect of the export of Cotton thread.

11. Shipment Advice

The Seller shall telex to the Buyer advising the loading conditions at least 14 days before the fixed loading time.

The buyer or his agent shall advise the Seller of the Vessel’s estimated time of arrival at the port of loading.

12. Other Conditions:

Inspection of quality. Quantity and weight can be carried out at the port of loading.If other related documents are needed, the formalities and consular charges incurred shall be borne by the Buyer.

13. Laytime

From 13:00 hours same day, otherwise from 8:00 hours next day.

14. Demurrage: 2200 US$/day for 15000 D.W.T. Vessel.

15. Force Majeure

If the implementation of con tract of either Side is influenced by typhoons,earthquake or other events considered by both Sides as FORCE MAJEURE,the postponement of implementation should be equal to the effective period of the said causes.



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